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Blocked Drains Ealing

Drainage is something that every homeowner takes for granted. The smelly and filled with dirty water drains is a subject best avoided. Unfortunately, no one would be able to ignore it when it gets blocked for some reason or the other. This causes untold misery with the entire household being alarmed at the prospect of dirty water back flowing into the house. It certainly helps to address such a situation at the earliest by contacting an experienced professional for unblocking drains Ealing. Some of the reasons that cause the drains to be blocked include the following:-

  1. Cooking oil & fat– This is an oft-repeated precaution that you need to adhere to. Washing down unused grease or fat by throwing it into the sink is a strict no-no. The sticky substance is sure to be plastered on the inner surface of the pipe and clog it. Over time, the lumen of the pipe gets narrowed to a great extent with total clogging of the pipes and drain eventually.
  2. Hair– Hair fall is something that you have to contend with. However, it certainly helps to remove loose hair from the bathroom floor instead of trying to wash it away by forcing it down the drain. You may buy a special product that catches loose hair before it goes into the plughole. Installing a net serves as a barrier too but it would help to keep an eye on the accumulation of debris around the plug hole and remove all contaminants so that no unusual articles get pushed down into the drain.
  3. Toiletries– Sure, you use several items to keep yourself clean but that does not mean that you have to wash the used napkins or baby wipes down the drain literally. Technicians hired for unblocking drains Ealing often report finding large items such as clothing items and toys inside the clogged drain too.