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    It is common to take the drainage system for granted today as no one can think of living comfortably without modern plumbing and a systematic drainage system anymore. Sure, the tales from history is full of horrors especially those that describe the painstaking process of keeping you clean. Fret not; you will never have to go through such trials and tribulations again but the least you can do is to take care so that you never face the prospect of blocked drains Southgate in the near future.

    Some of the things that you need to avoid in the course of leading a normal life must include the following tips for ensuring the proper functioning of your drains.

    Grease– Do not ever chuck out the unused oil or lard down the drain while doing the dishes. Sure, the hot fat goes down easily but once inside the drain it cools quickly enough to congeal into a glutinous mass that keeps growing while attracting other contaminants to it. The drain will eventually clog making you rush to the plumber in your neighborhood. Make sure to prevent this by using a fat trap in the form of a lined container that can be disposed of. Throw the unused fat or grease within it and have it disposed of as per the regulations.

    Hair– Having a full head of hair adds to your beauty no doubt but the hair that gets shed naturally is sure to find its way into the drain clogging it up. Do not deter to add a wire mesh screen to your bathroom especially near the shower area to catch the hair before they are washed into the drain causing it to be blocked.

    The rule of thumb is to clean the kitchen sink and plug holes in the bath meticulously in order to avoid blocked drains Southgate.